Reliable Transportation Begins With Basic Auto Care

If you ask most automobile and truck owners what the purpose of their vehicles are they may well give you a blank stare. Yet we take our vehicles for granted. In 2010 / 2011 we have the 3000 mile salad delivered via semi trailer on American highways from California or Mexico. Autos as most as those in the green field may dislike are essential for America’s trade and transportation. We need to get to our jobs for daily income and commutes. When you get down to it autos and auto traffic and transportation is what America is built on and is sustained on. Even if you want to public transportation and the bus or even train you still be driven via gas or diesel fuel power locomotion. There seems to be little getting around that in our current millennium.

It can be said that overall your average American or Japanese import vehicle has more than 2500 parts and up to 100 different materials in their makeup and composition. Everything from rubber and plastic synthetic components,to steel, copper and chrome with lots of exotic metals including “rare earth metals” in their magnets, electrical motor magnets and electronics and even good old fashioned chrome from place to place. Add sophisticated electronics and electrical sensors dabbled all throughout current model types. Cars, trucks and buses have all evolved into sophisticated machines and even transport center units.

Yet despite, or even in spite of all of this sophistication, and even electronic wizardry automobiles on America’s interstate highways and your local streets or roads remain our bread and butter basic transport to get us where we are going or move goods and services to us reliably and on time. It is the old horse and buggy – speeded up to modern times and carrying a lot more and a lot faster.

This is why we should not take our automobile vehicles for granted.

Service, maintenance and ongoing care by competent auto mechanics and repair staff is essential and never should be ignored. The joke of a company car never needing an oil change or “I checked the tire pressure last year” do not mesh well with reliability of transport operation and mechanical durability that we expect and indeed demand from these road warriors what so ever. You get what you pay for, what you deserve and ultimately the car, truck or sports utility vehicle SUV that you take the time, care and attention to maintain.

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